Steve Jobs Or Bill Gates

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Pseudoscience

Steve Jobs undoubtedly the one and only architect who gave technology an artistic edge. Apples innovative design, user interface, and ecosystem make it a titan in any category it enters. For him Apple rose to its current heights from the brink of bankruptcy. He was great. Steve Jobs has likely been our generation’s most important idol in the world of business and technology. But Steve Jobs is not the most important leader from the world of business or technology except gadget .While Jobs should be who MBAs and industrial designers try to emulate, I’m not sure he’s who we should idolize. That respect should be bestowed on someone we talk less and less about, Bill Gates.

Both Jobs and Gates had immeasurable impacts on the world. Apple ushered in the era of personal computing in many respects. Microsoft’s platform made it possible for a generation of computer scientists to learn and flourish. Apple seems to have perfected the art of delivering fantastic consumer products. Microsoft has worked diligently to make the enterprise more and more efficient.

Steve made computers usable and elegant, rather than forbidding and awkward but without Jobs, there would still be personal computers, and they would be used to the same extent they are today. Jobs didn’t invent the personal computer; he refined it made it elegant. The same holds true for the other great products he oversaw. There were MP3 players before the iPod, smart phones before the iPhone, and tablet computers before the iPad. He refined them and made more elegant , hip and well marketed .But even without him, the technologies would exist, even if not in the form they have today.

Gates did similar work at Microsoft. The products he created weren’t as elegant, weren’t as refined, weren’t as hip, and weren’t as well-marketed. But even more than Jobs, he brought computing to the masses. Over the years, far more people around the world have used Microsoft products than have used Apple products. That continues today.

Jobs made the world more beautiful and the billion of us with resources loved him for it. Gates is making the world ideal and the billions of us with no voice will be forever impacted. Steve Jobs lived his life on his terms, Bill Gates living on industries’ terms.

While you might disagree with that claim, a quick reference of Google trends shows that since leaving Microsoft, Bill Gates star has dramatically faded — and in 2010 was eclipsed by that of Jobs.

But really speaking, Does trends and analytics matter when you choose your role model?

So while Jobs will likely be remembered as technology’s greatest innovator, with good reason, Gates will be remembered as having a far greater impact on people’s lives.

Ref: Computerworld, HBR, MIT Sloan , LBS BSR.



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